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Experiencing Baptism & Communion (D-Series)
Experiencing Baptism & Communion (D-Series)
Format: Paperback

Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
ISBN-13: 9780898273687
SKU: 2158_BKBR04

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Add Item To CartExperiencing Baptism & Communion (D-Series)
Item Description

For over two thousand years, the church has practiced two rituals that are vital for growing in grace--baptism and communion. These outward acts are beautiful metaphors for the inner work of grace God does in our lives.

You will grow in your faith as you discover the importance of these sacred acts and understand why Jesus commanded his followers to practice them.

The D-Series provides basic, easy-to-apply small group studies on six essential topics for spiritual growth. Together, these six studies will form a ladder leading the believer from the point of conversion to involvement in ministry. Each four-session study is Bible based and follows the learning pattern of addressing head (mind), heart (emotions or affective reasoning), hands (action), and habits (spiritual practices).

More Product Information
Release Date: Sep 1 2007 12:00AMPages: 64
Language: English
Binding: PaperbackPrint Size: 
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