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Becoming a Member of the Church (D-Series)
Becoming a Member of the Church (D-Series)
Format: Paperback

Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
ISBN-13: 9780898273700
SKU: 2158_BKBR06

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Add Item To CartBecoming a Member of the Church (D-Series)
Item Description

From discount stores to libraries to roadside assistance clubs, most of us carry membership cards to a number of organizations. Those memberships connect us to a larger community.

Likewise, membership in a local church connects you to the larger community of faith. In this study you will be invited to receive the gift of membership in this local church--a Wesleyan congregation.

The D-Series provides basic, easy-to-apply small group studies on six essential topics for spiritual growth. Together, these six studies will form a ladder leading the believer from the point of conversion to involvement in ministry. Each four-session study is Bible based and follows the learning pattern of addressing head (mind), heart (emotions or affective reasoning), hands (action), and habits (spiritual practices).

More Product Information
Release Date: Sep 1 2007 12:00AMPages: 64
Language: English
Binding: PaperbackPrint Size: 
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